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Screengle is your personal web searcher.

Fast and easy. Choose an image or use your own images to create your personal unique web searcher.

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Frecuent Asked Questions.
  1. What is Screengle?
  2. Is Screengle somehow related to Ask?
  3. What means “Your personal searcher”?
  4. Do I need to register to use Screengle?
  5. What benefits do I get if I sign in?
  6. Why is Screengle FREE?
  7. How do I register in Screengle?
  8. Where can I use Screengle from? 
  9. Why do you advice to save Screengle as home page?


  1. What is Screengle?

Screengle is a searching service that uses Ask™ technology, personalizing your screen with your favorite image.

Screengle may be personalized by registered users, selecting a background image from our image bank or uploading one of your own images. Besides, if the user wants it, it allows sharing the image with others.

On the other hand, Screengle can be used without being a registered user. For this, Screengle chooses some images that appear randomly as background.

  1. Is Screengle somehow related to Ask?

No. Screengle uses Ask for searchingf the web. This tool allows the editors of web sites offer to their users Ask’s searching technology in their web sites.

  1. What means “Your personal web searcher”?

It just means your personalized web site to search the web.

  1. Do I need to register to use Screengle?

No, it’s not necessary, you can enjoy some randomly appearing images that Screengle selects without need to be a registered user.

  1. What benefits do I get if I sign in?

When registering themselves, the users can personalize their Screengle webpage loading their own image, or selecting one from the Screengle image bank and to change it whenever they want.
The sign up for Screengle and its use is totally FREE.

  1. Why is Screengle FREE?

By obtaining income from the publication of announcements in the pages.
While Screengle can offer a good service, this will allow to sustain itself, as well as to continue growing and to offer new services.

  1. How do I sign up for Screengle?

You have to go to and in three simple steps you will get your personal Screengle.

  1. Where can I use Screengle from?

Screengle can be used from any PC with an Internet connection. Acceding to, and in the case of being a registered user clicking the link Sign in , in the right superior corner of the page.

  1. Why do you advice to make Screengle my homepage

Screengle recommends to establish your customized Screengle as your homepage, to simplify your use doing unnecessary to identify yourself whenever you enters. In order to protect your privacy, Screengle does not use cookies to recognize you like user or visitor, for that reason when acceding to you will not be recognized automatically.



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